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Web marketing brings with it many unique challenges.  There is no template “one size fits all” for businesses of different sizes and make up.  The World Wide Web (WWW) is the current day’s version of the wild west of past years.  In other words, there is always room to make your own way in your own style. For entrepreneurs, this is a great place to set roots!  Many ad agencies and marketing firms can confuse you with the vast array of web design platforms, tools, social media that can be incorporated.  Digital marketing is born from the same advertising core fundamentals of the past but is delivered through multiple mediums and marketing campaigns.

Importance of Content

Effective SEO Marketing and SEO Strategies are the key to taking your marketing to areas unknown.  There are many search engines and creative ways to perform searches.  An effective SEO strategy will take your advertising to multiple places and platforms.  A common thought process is that digital marketing is done through text and articles.  Your competition will crush you if you maintain this “blinder mentality”.   Creating your own blog, blogging on other sites, preparing a Slideshare presentation, or putting something on You Tube.  Get your name and campaign out there in as many places as possible.  It’s imperative that your content must be interesting and keep people reading and to keep your digital marketing strategy effective.  An SEO marketing strategy is not only to get the material read but also to get the readers to pass it on to someone else.  With social medias like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, there is no limit to the sharing potential with all the tools and vehicles available.  Videos go viral because word gets out that the video is worth taking a few minutes to watch and then it snowballs.  An SEO strategist in NJ can assist you attaining this level of advertising.

Social Media Strategies

You can’t mention digital marketing strategies without including the mention of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and Slideshare just to mention a few.  With this many media vehicles, you can get better coverage than what combined national cell phone carriers can offer.

Google uses an algorithm based on social signals to rank postings and sites. That’s why it is best to have an SEO marketing firm navigate you to your destination.  They know the hotspots and construction techniques to increase your visibility rankings.  Internet users have many media sources and venues to read and share information.  Internet users will gravitate to continued use of a social media they become comfortable with and know where others hang out at.  A great example of this is the continual comparison of the largest search engines (Yahoo, Google, and Bing  Each has their dedicated users.  This doesn’t necessary mean to flood every site.  It’s best to do some research as to determine the most effective and efficient use of a marketing campaign and what platforms to devote more resources to.

Message Marketing

Never forget the old reliable email world in your digital marketing campaign.  An email goes directly to an individual or corporate department.  That being said, it is personalized.  A strong and well worded email can be passed to an unlimited audience thus giving you a wide exposure to a directed and focused area.  Again, do some research as to what DOES NOT work well then do the opposite.  Your email has to be read before your marketing can be engaged.  Take some time and carefully word your subject line to keep an email from falling in a black hole.  Texting has become very popular with all ages and not reserved for the young.  A text is personalized like an email.  The new mobile devices can be likened to a small computer and a very effective marketing tool.  If you do market by text, make sure you have disclosed a disclaimer that the user may be charged for the text.. Texting coupons have become popular with salons, boutiques, DVD rentals to name a few.  The list can and will grow exponentially.

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